Hello! my name is Estefanía Trisotti. I am a service and experience designer with over 9 years experience designing for public and private institutions in Germany, the UK, Denmark, Chile and Colombia.

I have experience designing user-centred products and services within interdisciplinary teams, combining strategy, business methods and creativity to initiate systemic change. I have been responsible for the design process of projects at different phases from definition and planning to delivery, combining my visual design background as a valuable advantage to engage and communicate with multiple stakeholders.

My work succeeds in capturing people’s needs, interests and motivations to then analyse and abstract patterns and meaning, converting insights into design opportunities. I am also a great presenter and storyteller, capable of solving problems both analytically and creatively to make ideas happen. 

I have recently obtained my Master’s degree in Service Design at the Royal College of Art in London, being awarded as an Excellent. During the two years of the programme, I have worked for diverse clients such as the Capital Region of Denmark (the outcome was "Konstell", for the New Zealand Hospital), Lambeth Council in London, The Shaw Trust and Natural History Museum. As an aside of my studies, I have also done service design consultancies for London-based start-ups such as Cupris Health and Filisia interfaces. In all these projects, I have been involved from early stages of the design process to implementation.

If you would like to get in touch, write me directly to estefaniatrisotti@gmail.com or find me on linkedin.