Using data visualization, Poderopedia investigate and illustrate the connections among the most influential people, companies and institutions, shedding light over any conflicts of interest.



Poderopedia is a editorial and crowdsourced data journalism platform, that maps who's who in business and politics in Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Using data visualization and semantic technology, Poderopedia helps users understand the connections between the most influential people, businesses and organizations to reflect any conflicts of interest and promote transparency. Poderopedia is a nonprofit open source project by Poderomedia Foundation, with great support from Knight Foundation and Start-Up Chile



Recruited by Poderopedia's founder & CEO, Miguel Paz, I began to work from a very early stage of the startup's platform, until it's release in December 2012 (Chile). During this process, I was responsible for all design related tasks: Prototyping, Interface Design & Branding.


Date: 2011-2012

Context: Collaboration with a platform-based startup 

Members: Developed in collaboration with CEO Miguel Paz, Mónica Ventura, Juan Eduardo Hernández & Juan Pablo Barrientos

Extent of the project: 2 years, part-time